What Essay Advantage Clients Have to Say

As a family not looking for a college counselor we were thrilled to find an option for essay writing help only (including rough draft only).  This is not a common service to find (short term or partial college application help, essay only, rough draft only).  There are essay services but not that will do partial help or writing tutors but they may not have expertise in what colleges are looking for.   And the price options were the most reasonable.
Francesca was excellent!  Not only for writing skills but truly has expertise in college essays in terms of topics, content, style and editing with an eye for what the colleges require/prefer. Plus the patience and calm demeanor to successfully manage the process with a teenager!  She really connected with our son; the ability to connect with older teens is not a common skill.   She got my son to do the work, get organized, have a timeline, and do the research needed to write to each college specifically as well as the common app essay.  It was great to have her reaching out to him with deadlines (sometimes multiple times to get those deadlines met) so I didn’t have to!   The research she taught him to do to come up with a college list and then to know what/how to write for each was key in getting him to learn  about each school in order to decide which he wanted to apply to and then to know what to write for each.
Honestly,  she is able to provide most of what college counselors provide as our son started with no interest/preferences/work done on which colleges to apply to and what he could possibly write about.  She got to know him, suggested good and best fit schools (from easy-ins to stretches) and once he chose 10 to apply to she put together a list with exactly what was needed and when for each (some had one essay, some the common app essay was enough and some required multiple essays) and we ended up opting to have her help him with all of those to completion.  He got everything in on time and almost all submitted in full by early November  (having only started with her late summer).   To put it another way — my husband and I were able to enjoy our son’s senior year instead of spending any time working on his college apps or nagging him to do so! (Parent, Glencoe, IL)

Francesca Kelly worked with our son this past year on more than one of his college essays.  She was extremely helpful as our son enjoyed working with her and he appreciated her valuable input.  She didn’t over-edit and therefore his end product was truly his own written piece.  She provided insights that neither my husband nor I would have realized regarding simple tips that college admissions offices are looking for in a written piece.   His essays were both unique and beautifully written, thanks to Francesca’s guidance.  (Parent, Winnetka, Illinois)

Francesca Kelly gave my son the confidence that he was on the right track with his college essay, which supported his successful applications to the University of Virginia and William and Mary. He found her advice so helpful that he spread the word, and several other members of his senior class worked with her as well. (Parent, Falls Church, VA)

Both my daughters struggled through the college application process while attending high school overseas.  The guidance from the guidance counselors wasn’t always on target or consistent, especially when it came to essays. Francesca Kelly made the process so much better by giving my girls points to ponder while coming up with essay ideas. She was an excellent and ethical editor, giving tips and pointers to strengthen their essays, while maintaining the integrity of their words and their personalities in the process. (Parent, Washington, DC and overseas)