Services and Rates

This year I am only doing essay draft reading for private clients, not helping with brainstorming or planning, since I now am pretty busy with full-time essay coaching for EDVantage Consulting, The College Essay Guy and North Shore College Consulting. So, if you’d like to send me your already-written drafts to get feedback, here are my rates:

First Draft editing of main essay (when you’ve written a rough first draft and need suggested edits to get it polished, including suggestions in grammar, style and structure)– $200

Each additional draft of the same essay — $50

Supplemental essays (300 words or under) — $100 for first-draft edits; $25 for each additional look.

Supplemental essays (over 300 words) — $150 for first-draft edits; $25 for each additional look.

If you have a ton of essays to write this season and want unlimited help with them, the above rates are going to pile up quickly. With that in mind,  I can also offer a package deal: all essays for up to 10 colleges, unlimited looks — $1500. Please keep in mind that this doesn’t include brainstorming or meetings; this is just for essay read-throughs/suggested edits. I wish I had more hours in a day to help more of you, but my schedule is pretty darn full now. 

For the above services, please allow 48 hours’ turnaround for each look. 

Note: I am not available on Oct. 31 or Nov. 1, so please have essays for early deadlines done well before then. New essay drafts must be submitted for review no later than two weeks before the college application deadline. For example, if you are applying to a college with a Nov. 1 early action deadline, I need to get essay drafts for that college from you by Oct. 15. (I also try very hard to stay offline on Sundays.)

The essay editing season ends on Dec. 16, but I strongly urge you to be done before Thanksgiving.


Contact me for more information. I’m happy to answer questions about the essay-writing process.